Auckland Blues Music Club was first established in 2007 and although it’s had a few name and management changes along the way, it has continued to stand the test of time and maintain its status as Auckland’s most prominent host of blues music events. The Club hosts a number of jam nights and concerts around Auckland, promoting local blues music and musicians, and supporting those who are new to the stage as well as those with years of experience. Twice a month we hold jam nights where musicians and singers can get together on stage and jam out some blues. We hold charity concerts to raise funds for various charity groups in New Zealand and whenever we can we host amazing artists from overseas.

We're a friendly bunch so please feel free to talk to us about getting on stage or becoming a member. We appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to strive for an increased presence of great blues music in Auckland’s live music scene. Everyone who is involved in keeping the club going is a volunteer. If you’re interested in getting involved, send us an email, message us on Facebook or come along to one of our events and have a chat!