Last Thursday of the month
$5 on the door, free for club members

A different feature band plays each month from 8pm-9pm
469 Karangahape Road, Ponsonby


If you’d like to have a jam with us then bring your instrument and/or your voice and talk to us at the door about putting your name down for a shot at three songs on the stage. ABMC has it’s own PA and drum kit and amps for guitar, bass and keyboard.

There are a lot of musicians in Auckland who are keen to play at our jam nights and some nights are busier than others. On a really busy night we may not be able to guarantee everyone a turn on the stage. We recommend you arrive early to make sure yours is one of the first names on the list.

We ask that musicians who play at our jam nights follow a few very simple guidelines such as:

  1. Keep the songs to a blues genre and simple enough so that everyone, of all skill levels, can follow.
  2. Each group of jammers gets three songs. If the crowd is screaming for an encore, by all means give them one more song. If not, do your three and let the next group on.
  3. Keep the volume to a reasonable level. We don't want to deafen the crowd!